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3 Tools to Debug and Troubleshoot Docker Containers

Docker is a powerful platform that allows developers to build, deploy, run, maintain and manage containers. With all this power comes some drawbacks. In fact, one of the frustrations that often surfaces while using Docker is exactly how to troubleshoot images and containers. In this article we’ll go over a few different ways to make…Read more

Simple .NET Containers: Create Containerized Apps with dotnet publish

Containers are easy to distribute and can run just about anywhere. At this point, you can download just about any popular software as a container… PostgreSQL? Check! mongoDB? Sure! Redis? Absolutely! So, it certainly makes sense if you are planning to release your next software project as a container based solution. And, if you use.…Read more

3 Things: Developing with Amazon SNS

November 1, 2022
Amazon Simple Notification Service, AKA SNS, is a versatile pub/sub AWS service that supports several different endpoints including, SMS, email and HTTP/HTTPS. Amazon SNS also supports AWS services as endpoints… Read more

3 Things: Developing Amazon SQS Based Solutions

October 1, 2022
Amazon Simple Queue Service or Amazon SQS is a distributed message queuing service that enables developers to build loosely coupled solutions. Often valued for its ease of use, Amazon SQS queues can… Read more

3 Things: Developing with AWS KMS

September 1, 2022
There’s a lot that goes into cryptographic key management — creation, rotation, expiry, replacement, revocation, etc. AWS Key Management Service performs all of the aforementioned operations, but also seamlessly integrates with … Read more

AWS Lambda Simplicity with .NET Top-level Statements

August 1, 2022
.NET 6 gave .NET developers a few more options when developing AWS Lambda functions. One such option is top-level statements. The top-level statements feature was designed to greatly simplify developing applications in C# by … Read more

AWS Lambda Powered by ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs

July 1, 2022
Often touted as a solution for microservices, Minimal APIs are a new feature in ASP.NET Core that allows developers to easily create HTTP based APIs with minimal dependencies. On top of that, ASP.NET Core minimal APIs are simple, only requiring … Read more

Package and Upload a Lambda Function with the AWS CLI

June 1, 2022
The AWS console is great for creating, modifying and visualizing your AWS resources, services and infrastructure. However, if you need automation and repeatability, the AWS CLI is where it’s at … Read more

Create a .NET AWS Lambda Function with an HTTPS Endpoint

May 1, 2022
Get all the code on GitHub. AWS Lambda, the popular AWS service, has been the solution behind many microservices. Some even argue that AWS Lambda enabled the microservice trend over the last five to seven … Read more

How To Create Amazon S3 Presigned URLs with .NET

April 1, 2022
Get all the code on GitHub. Your application needs to temporarily expose private files which are stored in Amazon S3. Giving each user separate permissions to each file is not feasible and will not scale. … Read more

Developing .NET apps with Amazon DynamoDB

March 1, 2022
You need to store data, but you don’t have a vast schema. You need to fetch your data in a split second, and you don’t need referential integrity or transactions. You require a super stable … Read more

Securing .NET App Secrets with AWS Secrets Manager

February 1, 2022
Similar to AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager allows for storing, managing, and reclaiming OAuth tokens, database credentials, API keys, and other secrets. However, there are big differences between the two AWS services. … Read more

Encrypting Data in .NET apps Using AWS Key Management Service

January 2, 2022
Get all the code on GitHub. Let’s be honest, cryptography can be a dense and intimidating topic for most. When contemplating your cryptography strategy, there are so many questions that need to be answered: symmetric … Read more

How to use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store as a .NET Configuration Provider

December 1, 2021
Many changes were made to configuration in .NET Core. Long gone are the days where you have few configuration options. In .NET, there are now out of the box options for INI,  JSON, XML, command-line arguments … Read more


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