Package and Upload a Lambda Function with the AWS CLI

The AWS console is great for creating, modifying and visualizing your AWS resources, services and infrastructure. However, if you need automation and repeatability, the AWS CLI is where it’s at. For this tutorial, we’ll use .NET as the reference technology. Although, most of this tutorial can be used with other languages like, Python, Node.js, Go,Continue reading “Package and Upload a Lambda Function with the AWS CLI”

Create a .NET AWS Lambda Function with an HTTPS Endpoint

Get all the code on GitHub. AWS Lambda, the popular AWS service, has been the solution behind many microservices. Some even argue that AWS Lambda enabled the microservice trend over the last five to seven years. And, the serverless/AWS Lambda trend does not show any signs of slowing down. Even with its popularity, there wasContinue reading “Create a .NET AWS Lambda Function with an HTTPS Endpoint”

How to Create a Simple .NET Core AWS Lambda Function

Skip the detail and show me the solution. AWS Lambda is one of the hottest technologies in cloud software development today. And, as hot as it is, there is still a lot of confusion on just what Lambda is and how to develop a serverless function.  First, let’s clarify a few things, serverless doesn’t meanContinue reading “How to Create a Simple .NET Core AWS Lambda Function”